Been a while

Hello, I am high. Its been a while since my last toke. I only took about 3 hits with my ratchet bong still though.. im high as fuck but not more thab yesterday. Yesterday I was listening to lana del rey ans fucking my pillow. It was a great high but enough about yesterdays high lets talk about this nights high. I started at about 12 and only took one bowl but it hit me like a wrecking ball and i was out. My family got home then I had to go talk to everyone while concentrating on not too stare at the fridge for too long. Then I went to joshs house a couple hours later then we smoked from his bullet dugout thing. Then we watched elysiumm.. great movie. Then I came home not feeling high at all for some reason I decide to get loaded at 9 while everyone is still awake and in the living room. You dont know howw fuckin sketched I was. Thn I did the usual look for some good porn jerk off then listen to music. Then I got some munchies and came back to bed but a couple hours later it started tk fade so I smoked a nother bowl. Then just a couple minutes ago I decided to make a tumblr and start a blog about me and my smoking experiences. Im probably gonna regret this when I sober up but #yolo